Fetching Data

In Edge environemnts, the platform provides a fetch API that allows you to perform HTTP requests to fetch data from remote resources. If you are familiar with the fetch API in the browser, you will find that the Edge version is very similar, however there we appriciate that this API may not be familiar to Dart developers, so a custom Edge client is also available.


To perform basic HTTP requests, you can use the fetch API. .

Future<void> getData() async {
  final response = await fetch('https://example.com/data.json');
  final data = await response.json();

To perform requests such as POST, and add other metadata such as headers:

Future<void> getData() async {
  final response = await fetch('https://example.com/data.json', method: 'POST', headers: Headers({
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
  final data = await response.json();

HTTP Package#

The http package is a popular package for performing HTTP requests in Dart. Dart Edge provides a custom client built ontop of the HTTP client that is compatible with the http package.

First, install the edge_http_client package:

dart pub add edge_http_client

Next, import and use the EdgeHttpClient instance via the runWithClient API:

import 'package:edge_http_client/edge_http_client.dart';
import 'package:http/http.dart' as http;

http.runWithClient(() async {
  final response = await http.get('https://example.com/data.json');
  final data = jsonDecode(response.body);
}, () => EdgeHttpClient());