Supabase Config

The following Supabase configuration options are supported via the edge.yaml file. All options are optional.

  # The path to root of where your Supabase project exists.
  projectPath: '.'
  # An object of functions and their entrypoints to build.
  # This is used if you have multiple Supabase function entrypoints.
    dart_edge: 'lib/main.dart'
  # The compiler optimization level to use for development builds.
  devCompilerLevel: 01
  # The compiler optimization level to use for production builds.
  prodCompilerLevel: 04
  # Whether to exit the development watch process when a build fails.
  exitWatchOnFailure: false

Multiple entrypoints#

It's common in a Supabase project to have multiple entrypoints for your Supabase functions, since Supabase deploys multiple Edge Functions per entrypoint.

By default, a dart_edge function will be created, which points to your lib/main.dart file. Use the functions option to specify additional entrypoints, for example

    api_handler: 'lib/api.dart'
    webhook_handler: 'lib/webhooks.dart'