Supabase Client

The Dart supabase package provides a client for connecting and interacting with your Supabase project. The client can be used directly inside of Dart Edge, however requires a few additional steps to get started.


First, install the supabase package from

dart pub add supabase

Next, install the Dart Edge HTTP Client:

dart pub add edge_http_client


Within your lib/main file, import the supabase package and create a new instance of the client:

import 'package:supabase_functions/supabase_functions.dart';
import 'package:edge_http_client/edge_http_client.dart';
import 'package:supabase/supabase.dart';

void main() {
  final client = SupabaseClient(
    httpClient: EdgeHttpClient(),

  SupabaseFunctions(fetch: (request) async {
    List users = await client.from('users').select();
    return Response.json(users);